• LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen

LED Cube Screen

  LED cube screen, also known as cube LED display or hexahedral LED display, has high brightness, high contrast, large viewing Angle, modular design, high flexibility and other characteristicsLED Rubik's Cube screens are widely used in various commercial, cultural and entertainment fields.
  In commercial advertisements, it can attract the attention of passers-by and increase brand exposure;
  In the exhibition, it can provide a more attractive display effect and attract the eyes of visitors;
  In performance activities, it can be combined with music and dance to create a more shocking performance effect.
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen
  • LED Cube Screen

The LED Rubik's Cube screen is an innovative LED display screen that adopts a modular design to form a three-dimensional square structure.
Rich colors and clear pictures are achieved through high-brightnessLED technology. Its flexible combination and unique shape make it the center
of attention at various events,exhibitions and commercial occasions. Through creative combination, LED Rubik's Cube screen provides fascinating
visual effects and brings a new visual experience to the audience. Suitable for different indoor and outdoor scenes, it is an eye-catching digital display
solution that adds a lot of color to events and brand displays.


Model P3 P3.9 P4 P5
Pixel pitch (mm) 3 3.91 4 5
Module resolution  64x64 64x64 64x64 64x32
Module dimension (mm) 192x192x15 250x250x15 256x256x15 320x160x15
Pixel points (points / m2) 111111 65536 62500 40000
Weight (kg / piece) 0.32 0.55 0.32 0.4
Lamp body SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121
Working Voltage AC220V±10% AC220V±10% AC220V±10% AC220V±10%
Average Consumption 210W/m2 400W/m2 210W/m2 350W/m2
Max Consumption ≤410W/m2 ≤800W/m2 410W/m2 800W/m2
Current ≤ 18ma (single lamp) ≤ 18ma (single lamp) ≤ 18ma (single lamp) ≤ 18ma (single lamp)
White balance brightness ≥ 1200cd / m2  ≥1000cd/m2 ≥1200cd/m2 ≥ 1600cd / m2 
 Drive mode 1 / 32 sweep drive 1 / 16 sweep drive 1 / 32 sweep drive 1 / 16 sweep drive
 Refresh frequency ≥ 1920 frames / second ≥ 1920 frames / second ≥ 1920 frames / second ≥ 1920 frames / second
* Specifications and photos are subject to change without prior notice.
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1. Three-dimensional effect:
LED cube screen is composed of hundreds to thousands of LED cubes,
each cube can be independently controlled, through precision programming
and control, can present three-dimensional images and animations, bring the
audience a more real and shocking visual experience.

2. High flexibility:
The size, shape and resolution of  the LED cube screen
can be customized according to needs, which is very suitable for
various exhibitions,events, performances and advertising display scenes.

  3. Energy saving and environmental protection:
  LED light source has the characteristics of high
  efficiency and energy saving, long life, etc, which
  can save a lot of energy compared with traditional
  displays, and reduce the trouble and cost of frequent replacement of bulbs.

4. High definition and bright colors:
LED Rubik's Cube screen can provide
excellent color reproduction and clarity,
making images and videos more realistic and vivid.

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