Frequently Asked Questins
1.How soon I can get a price quote?
You can get a quick price quote within a few minutes if you are on live chat with one of our sales representatives and a standard price quote takes just 30-45 minutes and you will have an official price quote in your inbox.
2.What can you buy from us?
Rental LED Display, Outdoor LED Display, Indoor LED Display, Transparent LED Screen, Floor Tile Screen, Creative Design LED Screen and Etc.
3.LED display models are generally expressed in PX, such as P2 P3 P4.....P8, P10, what does this mean?
P3 P4.....P8,P10 means that the pixel pitch is 3mm 4mm....10mm, which determines resolution of a display .Pixel pitch is smaller, led display resolution is higher. 
4.What pixel pitch should I choose on my display?
Using the PX screen, it is determined mainly by the viewing distance, the size of the display screen, the desired effect and the customer budget. 
5.To order a display ,What kind of information do I have to offer you?
You should provide width/height of the display, the main use, the viewing distance, the scene photos, special requirements,then I can provide you with a detailed list of quotations. 
6.How long is the delivery time of the product in general?
It depends. For the regular products, we have them in stock, it can be 3 to 5 working days, and it will take 20 to 25 working days to arrange the goods for you. For customized products, it will take 30 to 45 working days. We will let you know the delivery time of the goods in advance, and update you the status of it during the course.
7.What about your quality?
The quality of our display is excellent. We use the materials of high quality suppliers in the world,strictly control the production process, and pass the multiple quality inspection to ensure that every product is qualified. 
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